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Alpha- Aurora

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PostSubject: ~AuroraPack~ Sybiline    Tue May 06, 2014 11:36 pm

Aurora Pack is a very lucky and skillful pack. Read below to find out!

Skills: Fast, Strong snow diggers (making caves and stuff) , Skilled hunters.

Personality: cheeky, playful, daring, wild, mischievous, enjoys life and lives to the fullest!

Power: The power of illusion, making others see something not real.


Sybils Mother: Josephine (dead)

Sybils Father: Brent (Dead)


Alpha Female/Luna: Sybiline Blue

Alpha Male: Sephilim *demon*

Likes: To cause trouble, do extremely daring things, playing, being mainly care free.

Dislikes: Scaredy Cats, Dry places, open moors.

Fears: The black wolf, demons, getting buried alive

Depending on what situation it is this group is a flee-fighter group meaning they can do both.

Prey: Deer, rabbits, forest birds, fish

Predators: bears, poisonous insects, poisonous snakes, poisonous plants, silver.

Habitat: Lives in woods with some open space, good clearings, and soft grass. Has a 3 story pack house located in a large clearing. In the winter snow is tall and fluffy! A good igloo making time!

Update January 13 2015

Aurora Pack is really starting to come together!
Sybiline has a mate, Sephilim a demon who she loves very much.
Oasis Pack territory had been burned so Sammara has been staying in Sybil's territory.
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~AuroraPack~ Sybiline
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