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PostSubject: Main Rules!   Main Rules! EmptyTue May 06, 2014 11:03 pm

Please be respectful of WTWL rules or it can result to ban or warning!!! Read them all the way through!

ChatBox Rules
◦ The following curse words are aloud: Damn, Dammit, Ass, Shit, Crap, anything else is automatic warning or suspension!

◦ Here on WTWL we follow the "golden rule." Treat others the way you want to be treated.

◦ If you kicked from the chatbox it might be because its a game or they were changing your rank! Don't be afriad to come back and check. Usually if your kicked from the chatbox it's a ban we can do or undo. So don't be shy!

◦  Please no sexual content in the chatbox. We may have younger players who just arn't ready for that yet.

◦ This is a PG-13 website! You join under your own risks! If someone cusses and your uncomfortable just ask them kindly to stop, the worst they can say is no, if they do say no leave the chatbox or roleplay or tell a staff member.

◦ Don't RP in the chat box! It can cause some drama and we have forums for that. It makes it messy as well and you wouldn't be able to check your posts.

◦ Don't advertise in the chatbox please. We have forums for that as well.

◦ There will be no talk of religion what so ever. Please keep this to yourself, we all have our own beliefs and thats okay.

◦ Keep all polotics out of the chat. We want this to be a safe place where you can express yourself, just not like that. This is for expressing our own creativiy that may be trapped inside and for fun! I don't think anyone wants to hear about that stuff on a roleplay anyway.

◦ Don't ever, ever, ever tell anyone your password, address, or phone number on these websites. The only people I would talk to for password help would be the staff. No one else. You can say your name at your own risk!

Roleplay Rules

◦ No powerplaying or godmodding. This is an important rule because it means you can take over someone elses character which is really not fun. For example the red text will be the powerplay and the green will be the correct way.

◦ I jumped on the young male and flipped him over with a loud huff escaping his lungs. I watched as he cried in pain and spit up blood. With a raspy voice he said, "You will pay, just wait." Then the light faded from his eyes and his body became stone cold.

◦ I jumped at the young male flipping him over onto his back. A loud huff escaped his lips, as well as mine.

If you see here, we need to let the other person have a turn as well. You get your own actions, and cannot be invincible as well as letting other people respond to how it takes effect on their character.

◦ Please don't double post, we have an edit button and it's okay to make mistakes but try to avoid it as much as possible.

◦ The swear words above are the only ones aloud in the roleplay or around the site. If someone is angry and happens to swear at your character, don't take it to heart. I know sometimes thats hard, believe me. Because the character is like the other half of you, but we have to get around this.

◦ No text talk, for example, (bby, ilysm, ty, gj, brb, lol, etc.) Unless your purcahse a phone from the roleplay items then you cannot use these.

◦ Please if having a lovey dovey night, or your mating use the "fade to black" technique. We might have players who really arn't ready for that.

◦ We have forums for advertising so please don't advertise in the role-play.

◦ Please try your best with spelling and grammar, we all make mistakes but it's important so we can understand your post. Also you can ask someone to tutor you if you like!

◦ Have fun and be creative!


◦ Keep up with your duties and stay active!

◦ If your an alpha run your pack well!

◦ If your a staff member do your job CORRECTLY!

◦ Be respectful!

◦ Keep your patience!

◦ Majority of rules apply to us to!


◦ To be accepted please follow these rules and fill out your profile. To roleplay you need to make a biography.
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Main Rules!
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