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 ~Aurora Pack History~

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PostSubject: ~Aurora Pack History~   ~Aurora Pack History~ EmptySun May 25, 2014 2:40 pm

This is all about the history of Aurora Pack! Please know your pack history for contests and different things!

~Aurora Pack History~ Image113

Founder: Josephine & Brent (Sybiline's Parents)

Josephine: Deceased: Died in the rouge wars, a deadly war where most rouge groups fought for an alpha and joined together, they fought for land and sadly Josephine was killed by Kenneth King the beta of the rouge groups.

Brent: Deceased: Died of depression because of Josephine dead.

Alphas in order                                          

1. Alpha Brent (Deceased)          

2. Alpha James  (Alive)                      
(Read Alpha/Beta James )

Luna's in order

1. Luna Josephine (Deceased)

2. Luna Cammalla (Alive) (James's Mate)

3. Luna Sybiline (Alive)
Beta's in order

1.Beta Luke (Deceased)

2.Beta James (Alive)
(Read Alpha/Beta James)

~Aurora Pack History~ Screen62

How the founders met: Small Josephine at the age of 16 was driven out of her own pack the NightWalkers Pack to become a rouge when another pack has a land war with them. She was one of the only ones to escape from her pack. She had to hide in the shadows because whenever she shifted she had her packs signature mark the moon on her left ankle. It would be burned into their skin almost like a brand. Brent the son of CatchingRain Pack left when he was in search for his mate. He felt he needed her so badly that he left. They ended up meeting by a lake where Josephine had been drinking. When they returned to the Catching Rain Pack his father exiled him for having a rouge mate. He was very very against them. Later on they ended up forming Aurora Pack together. A pack for more werewolves like them. Once they had their pack established they gave birth to a child and named her Sybiline (Sybil for short.)

Rouge Wars: When Sybiline was 12 years old their had been the great Rouge Wars. The Rouge Wars were a time when all the rouges decided to join together and form their own "pack."  In the end they wanted to be the rulers over all so they decided to start taking over territories one by one. Their first was Leaf Pack. Soon Leaf Pack crumbled and was only left with very little survivors. They moved on to Aurora Pack and killed Luna Josephine. Alpha Brent was heart broken and shortly after the war he died from depression. Sybil ended up raised with her aunt Laurie who shortly died after in a car accident with a drunk driver. The pack raised her.

Alpha/Beta James: Alpha James was the alpha for only a little not due to death but to a payment to Sybil. He decided when Sybil became of age that she as a Luna would be able to lead her pack to victory. Sadly Sybil doesn't have a mate so some wolves question her leadership. He was the former beta with Alpha Brent and Luna Josephine. He lived to see Sybil take over the pack as a strong Luna. He returned to his former beta position.
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~Aurora Pack History~
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